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Deloitte + PowerToFly Evening With Women Finance Leaders

Deloitte + PowerToFly Evening With Women Finance Leaders If you are a New York-based Finance Manager, Integration and Execution Manager, or MA Strategist and would like to receive an invite to the event, please email us at Join Deloitte MA and PowerToFly, a community that connects skilled professional women with each other and companies that value diversity and inclusion, for an invite-only event on February 28th. The evening will kick off with a panel discussion featuring Deloittes women leaders and male allies, and will conclude with an opportunity to network with yur peers and the Deloitte team over food and drinks. The event will be held on Thursday, February 28th from 600pm to 800pm at 30 Rockefeller Center, 32nd Floor, New York, NY.Agenda (Subject to Change)600pm - Check-In Networking over beverages and light food620pm - Kick-Off from PowerToFlys CEO CoFounder Milena Berry625pm - Welcome Introduction from Susan Dettmar, MA Consultative Services Practice Lea der at Deloitte640pm - Panel Discussion featuring from DeloitteSusan Dettmar, MA Consultative Services Practice LeaderNadia Orawski, Principal, Deloitte MAKuttayan Annamalai, Principal, Deloitte MAAnna Lea Doyle, Principal, Deloitte MATrevear Thomas, National Deloitte MA Consulting Consultative Services Leader700pm - Audience QA720pm - Networking continues over beverages and light foodDeloitte is hiring, however, you dont need to be looking for new opportunities to attend.About our Events All RSVPd attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require accommodation to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.Unfortunately, PowerToFly and Deloitte cannot admit outside recruiters to this particular event. Please email if you have any questions about this policy.About Deloitte Deloitte is committed to recruiting, developing, and promoting a diverse workforce while providing unique opportunities across our businesses. Deloitte has been recognized by Working Mothers as one of the 100 best companies for multicultural women. Their benefits include up to 16 weeks of Paid Family Leave, pension plans, and gym health subsidies.Event Audience This event is a great fit for a number of roles including Finance Managers, Integration and Execution Managers, and MA Strategists.From Your Site Articles PowerToFly Blog - life-at-deloitte Related Articles Around the Web MA Services Deloitte US Deloitte LLP Aki Merced

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

On Nootropics How (and if) smart pills work

On Nootropics How (and if) smart pills workOn Nootropics How (and if) smart pills workDo we have brains or are we are brains? Every school of thought has been waiting at the precipice of this inquiry since antiquity. Now the drop seems more perilous than ever, as terrors of malady quicken our pace on the path of deeper biological understanding.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Description

Physical Therapy Assistant Job DescriptionPhysical Therapy Assistant Job DescriptionPhysical Therapy Assistant Job DescriptionThis physical therapy assistant sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.Physical Therapy Assistant Job ResponsibilitiesPromotes and maintains health by providing physical therapy services under the supervision of a physical therapist.Physical Therapy Assistant Job DutiesContributes to physical therapists effectiveness by identifying patient care issues providing information and commentary recommending options and courses of action implementing physical therapy directives.Assesses patient health by interviewing patients performing physical examinations obtaining, updating, and studying therapy histories.Assesses abnormal conditions by reviewing physical therapists interpretati ons of patient evaluations and test results.Documents patient care services by charting in patient and department records.Performs therapeutic procedures by administering manual exercises instructing, encouraging, and assisting patients in performing physical activities, such as non-manual exercises, ambulatory functional activities, and daily-living activities and in using supportive devices, such as crutches, canes, and prostheses.Instructs and counsels patients by describing therapeutic regimens giving normal growth and development information promoting wellness and health maintenance.Provides continuity of care by developing and implementing patient management plans.Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations adhering to infection-control policies and protocols.Maintains production objectives by noting current treatment trends monitoring actual physical therapy services rendered to production objectives.Maintains legal and ac creditation befolgung by adhering to policy positions concerning federal, state, and local regulations, and jacho standards anticipating emerging issues.Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities reading professional publications maintaining personal networks participating in professional organizations.Enhances physical therapy and hospital reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.Physical Therapy Assistant Skills and QualificationsPhysiological Knowledge, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Creating a Safe, Effective Environment, Motivating Others, Organization, Bedside Manner, Patient Services, Health Care Administration, Documentation Skills, Listening, Verbal CommunicationEmployers Post a job in minutes to reach candidates everywhere. Job Seekers Search Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs and apply on now. Find out more about social media recruitingYour Companys S ocial Media Policy 2.0Is your Social Media Policy Generation Facebook-Friendly?Smart Social Media Policy for Healthcare Employers

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Checking References Using Social Media

Checking References Using Social MediaChecking References Using Social MediaThinking of using social media when checking references? Proceed with caution.Its illegal for an employer to ask about a job candidates religion, marital status or personal affiliations during an interview or when checking references.But before making a job offer, many hiring managers want to get a sense of a candidates personality and professionalism. Is turning to social media an acceptable option? After all, according to a 2015 study by JobVite, 92 percent of recruiters use social media to help find and hire candidates. With social media playing such a high-profile role in recruiting, some might say its just common sense to use it when checking references.Maybe so, but only if you follow certain protocols that help you avoid delicate legal territory.Check out ansicht mistakes to avoid when recruiting on social media.Privacy concerns to consider when checking referencesYour companys review of online informa tion can raise privacy concerns. The same legal constraints that govern interviewing apply to checking references. You may be able to read about various aspects of candidates quickly by reviewing social networking sites, but much of it could be inaccurate or irrelevant. And what you find on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites can include information that is illegal for you to consider during the hiring process.Think twice before using the information you discover about a candidate when making a hiring decision. Research published by the Social Science Research Network in 2015 suggests that some employers do exhibit bias based on their social media findings, which can create serious problems for everyone involved.Sensitive information requires a sensitive approachFollowing the trail of a candidates digital footprint can lead to some unexpected places, and once you see something, it can be difficult to make decisions without considering it. Thats why th e Society for Human Resource Management advises accessing social media profiles after a candidate has been interviewed, when his or her membership in protected groups is likely already known. That way you can focus on facts that may help you assess the work quality and professionalism of candidates, while any sensitive information you see wont be how you learned of it.Transparency in the hiring process can also help avert problems. Let candidates know that checking social media sites may be part of your approach to checking references. Assure that if you do check, youll only search for job-related information. If you let candidates know your intentions at the beginning of the interview, chances are they wont try to hide relevant information during the talk.The bottom line View checking references online as a complement to, elend a substitute for, traditional methods. The impressions and information you receive from face-to-face interviews and over-the-phone conversations are still t he best guides for making a hiring determination.This post has been updated to reflect more current information.Learn more about the pros and cons of pre-employment screening.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Heres how to identify your office work type and what you need to do about it

Heres how to identify yur office work type and what you need to do about itHeres how to identify your office work type - and what you need to do about itMuch like you have specific tastebuds for various cuisines or prefer to text over calling your closest pals, the further you progress in your career, the more youll solidify your working style. While your colleagues may excel in afternoon brainstorming sessions, you may experience your best creative flow in the early hours of the morning., halfway through your espresso. Or, you might enjoy a social setting to get you through your deadlines, meetings and initiatives, while your employee finds genius cranking through assignments solo. Thats why career experts explain the vast importance of not only identifying your working style, but also communicating it to your manager. Having this alignment will empower you to consistently operate at your top potential instead of taking a seat on the professional struggle bus.Trying to do work in a way that is opposite your work style is like trying to push water uphill. It goes against the grain, and that can impact the level of your performance, explains career coach Cheryl Palmer.If youre not sure of your unique advantages, the pros have advice on figuring out how you will work the most effectively, efficiently and happilyYoure a morning gloryUnlike your spouse who needs a few alarms and a not-so-gentle nudge to greet the sun, youre always amped to tackle the day, no coffee jolt needed. If you find it easy to sign up for - and show up for - a 5 a.m. bootcamp class - you might lean toward a morning working style. As the name suggests, professionals who fall into this category are lucky to have an innate morning energy, inspiring their first-rate work long before many co-workers arrive to clock in. You can project this early riser quality into your work culture, creating a positive environment for others to draw inspiration from.Make a point of popping your head into pe oples offices to wish them a good morning with a smile and some human interaction,finance, lifestyle and business expert Katerina Cozias says. Too often people are stuck on a computer screen, be it on their desk or on their hand, so if youre a morning person, remind people to be people and simply make a point of saying hello.Since you reap the benefits of quiet, uninterrupted working sessions in the morning, you might also be among the first to experience the inevitable afternoon dip. Thats why Cozias recommends letting your employer in on our prefered time of day for meetings and collaboration. You might even be able to negotiate leaving early than other folks who get in a good two hours after you do at your next review, too.Youre an office mom or dadWhile you - hopefully - arent packing your colleagues lunches or reading them night-night stories, if you are naturally invested into the lives and happiness of those you spend 9 to 5 with, you could be an office parent-style worker. In addition to speaking to your professional strengths in terms of loyalty and honesty, Cozias also says you need consistent interaction on a personal, human level to feed your stamina. To amplify your approach, Cozias says to seek and create opportunities where you can organize team-building exercises, or simple surprise-and-delight moments where you can raise team morale.Treat the office to donuts the last Friday of the month. Youll be able to leverage the giving tendency that comes naturally to you, while gaining some popularity points with colleagues in the meantime, she says.You might also let your employer identify areas of improvement to create a more cohesive and workspace and culture, earning you additional brownie points for your commitment to the company. (This also might win them over the next time you bargain for half-day-Fridays during the summer.)Youre a lone wolfIts not that youre an introvert or even someone who dislikes group settings, but when it comes to stickin g your nose to the grindstone, youd prefer to fly all by yourself to complete projects. Since constantly sporting your headphones might come across as standoffish or like youre not being a team player, being candid with your boss about your working style is especially important, according to workplace expert and career coach, Amy Cooper Hakim. Since the new trend of open office blueprints is one that many startups are gravitating toward, you may need to restructure your physical space to be productive. This could mean a different area of the office or the option to work from home during crunch time.You may need to work offsite or in a quiet area when you have a major deliverable pending. Tell your boss, In order for me to be most productive, I need to work on this deliverable in a quiet space. I am happy to work remotely or to come in early tomorrow to ensure this is finished, Hakim gives as an example.Cozias also adds that even if you flourish all by yourself, you shouldnt shy away from social interactions that will build trust within your team. This doesnt mean you have to attend meetings you find unnecessary or contribute to corporate gossip, but making a consistent effort to collaborate in some way establish your reputation.Organize weekly 30-minute group brainstorming sessions, where people who typically work in closed-private offices can congregate, bring their lunches and share personal stories. Here, they can explain how their experiences may be able to affect idea-generation for a project at hand, Cozias suggests. Because this gets people out of their normal routine, theyll be more excited to have a mind-melt, and you wont have to sacrifice your working style in the process.Youre a social butterflyOn the other end of the spectrum from an independent worker is the social butterfly.If you like to bounce ideas off of others and thrive on dialogue and interaction, then you are probably best suited for teamwork, Hakim explains. Though every working style h as their pros and cons, Hakim says being a collaborative worker is a characteristic you should highlight to your boss, and one you can use to forward your career. As long as your frequent drive-bys produce results and efficiency, many managers will be pleased to use your appetite for conversation to the companys advantage.Offer to participate in think tanks and brainstorming sessions. Share your ideas by playing devils advocate, and use your people skills to help gain support for important suggestions, she suggests.Just be mindful that not everyone feels the same zest for fraternization that you do by respecting other working preferences that dont match yours. If you find that a certain co-worker is fast to hide away when you walk into the door, make an effort to let them come to you, instead of involving them in discussions that might disturb their flow.Youre a deadline divaIf the idea of sitting in a conference room waiting for other members of your team for five minutes is enough to make steam come out of your ears, you could be a type-A worker.As Hakim explains, a punctual worker values deadlines and timelines, and is overly respectful of the companys time (and dime), and needs others to be the same. This type-A professional mindset will help you exceed, but it might also mean you are frequently flustered by what you view as incompetence from your colleagues. Thats why being upfront about your needs is key.Communicate your drive to complete work on time when discussing due dates with your boss. Share that you pride yourself on submitting work product on time and with quality. When you rely on others to get a task done, it can be frustrating if they are not as prompt or punctual as you, she explains. Clearly express the need for work to be submitted on time so that you may complete your portion of the task. If your boss constantly places you in a workgroup with others who are not as prompt, offer to complete the first leg of a larger task so that you are no t impacted by any of their delays.As a way to work seamlessly with your co-workers, managers and employees, Hakim also suggests outsmarting the system. If youd like a meeting to start at 10, consider making it for 950, since youll already be ready to roll and youll give others the space to mosey in from the watercooler.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

6 reasons why a two-week vacation could be too long

6 reasons why a two-week vacation could be too long6 reasons why a two-week vacation could be too longIt may be tempted to stack vacation days over two work-weeks, but experts say that may be a bit too long to be away from your office. Sure, travel expenses are high and you want to stay on vacation longer to justify the cost, but worry or concern may set in putting a hamper on your vacation mindset.You worry too much about returningYour mind may wander after a week and wonder whats going on in your absence and what you will encounter when you return, and that can be worrisome. Deborah Sweeney, CEO Owner of MyCorporation, an online legal and business filing service, admits its difficult to take a two-week vacation.One of the biggest reasons not to take a two-week vacation is returning with a ton of stress because there is too much on your plate, she says. Even if you vacation for one full week and the two adjoining weekends, it can be manageable, but two full weeks is just too much a nd the stress begins to accumulate. The vacation becomes less enjoyable and relaxing.It may be challenging to get back to workBeing away from work for two weeks could put you at a disadvantage since youve been out of the loop for a period of time.Because it takes far too long to re-acclimate to your job the longer you are away, there will be a period of adjustment where you are less motivated and coming down from your vacation high, says Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professionals Survival Guide. Many of my clients claim that a long vacation may be beneficial to a recharge and a reboot but it wreaks havoc on their productivity.Your coworkers may be resentfulSome colleagues may be less than amenable to your leisurely vacation.If you are mid-stream on a project, taking a longer vacation will inevitably dump the heavy lifting on your colleagues, says Cohen. They may already have commitments and it is just not ritterlich to them. And because it is your project, n ot theirs, they may be inclined to push it way down on their priority list.So, if they actually work on it, says Cohen, their diligence will be modest at best.You can be out of the office lessIf you take two weeks at a time, you may end up with a deficit should you need to take time off for an unexpected emergency, a medical matter, or just a day-to-day issue that will need to be addressed and which will take you out of the office. Says Cohen Spending too much time out of the office regardless as to why will soon label you as a lightweight and not a keeper by the company, he adds.Your worth could be impactedIf youre away too long, people may find out they can get along without you, speculates Lois A. Krause, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, practice leader, HR Compliance with KardasLarson, LLC in Glastonbury, CT.You can look selfish and then may not be needed when you return. It could hurt your chances of moving up the ladder, or even retaining your position, Krause says.Furthermore, you can he ar this feedback from coworkers that can only hamper your vacation mindset.Rumors and anxiety are increased exponentially by distance and time - dont take that chance, adds Krause.Save the long vacation for something truly importantTwo-week vacations, says Krause, should be only taken for special times, such as a wedding and honeymoon, a trip very far away, or a once in a lifetime trip.Otherwise, one week or less is enough to recharge and not leave your responsibilities to flounder, Krause continues. In todays climate, organizations are lean and being away for too long can put undue stress on coworkers, subordinates, and yourself if you end up working harder before you leave and when you get back - it can erase one of the key benefits of a vacation to recharge and come back stronger.

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The Rise of Good Resume Font

The Rise of Good Resume Font If you wish to catch the interest of the hiring manager, you need to give them what they want. You may believe that youre an ideal candidate, but youd never know whether the hiring manager can properly make from the text on your resume. Law school resumes arent the very same as a resume that you would utilize to turn in an application for work. The issue is, each job differs and what each hiring manager is on the lookout for is different. Good Resume Font - Overview For everybody with a simple word processing program, its simple to see there are dozens and dozens of fonts out there to select from and picking the best one can be hard. You would like your words and message to be noticed, not your font choice. In addition to font selection, in addition, it is important to consider different things about the font. This font type is very modern and is extremely clear, making it simple to read. There are professional resume templates geared toward cr eative professions which save candidates plenty of time. Making certain your categories are well organized is a fast means to help platzset you in the yes pile and keep you from the trash pile. If you own a lot of experience, it might be a fantastic option. One of the absolute fruchtwein important design choices that can be made on your resume is your font. Choosing Good Resume Font Is Simple If you get a sufficient amount of experience, including transferable skills you would like to target to the job, then two pages is the thing to do. Utilizing the right font increases your opportunity of being selected for an interview. Needless to say, there are dozens and dozens of distinct fonts to select from, but not all them are befitting to use on a resume, so picking one is quite important to be in a position to land work. You shouldnt risk your job for the interest of an incorrect font choice The Most Popular Good Resume Font Be consistent with stylization, and just select one or two to make sure your resume appears professional and simple to read. An excellent resume ought to be standard. While Canadian resumes are available in many distinct formats, they share some standards that you ought to know about. A good can be difficult to locate so following is a good sample resume to assist you begin. Choosing your perfect resume font is dependent on particular elements. In case the ATS determines that your resume is an excellent match for the position, it offers you a high ranking. Selecting the incorrect fonts for your resume could be a substantial mistake. Recruiters take six seconds to determine whether to toss your resume, so the ideal font creates a huge difference. The Chronicles of Good Resume Font Selecting the most suitable font, the appropriate format, and the right font size is equally as crucial as the set of skills youre going to pitch to your prospective employer. As a rule of thumb, the font you need to use for an executive resume ou ght to be clear, scalable and legible. Include your complete name, contact number, email and personal branding website if youve got one. Well, a part of software analyzes your resume for sure key terms and provides you a score based how well your resume matches a predetermined collection of keywords chosen by the business youre interviewing with. Be sure to produce your font large enough so the reader doesnt need to squint to read your letter, but not so large your letter doesnt fit well on the webpage. So you should be certain that so-called character of the font will match the objective of your text. Fonts include specific characteristics that can determine and affect the point of view of the reader. The font is just too much for an expert document. Theres a whole lot of cool fonts which you may be tempted to utilize for your resume since they look both appealing and professional, but should you want to guarantee your document will translate well on Windows and Mac PCs, it i s advisable to choose one which is available on both operating systems. If youre utilizing a different word processing program, the procedure is comparable. For instance, you may adore the Palatino Linotype on your Windows PC, but since it doesnt have an immediate translation on a Mac computer, it would appear different from your initial copy when its pulled up on anything besides a PC running on windows. Applicant tracking techniques have to be in a position to scan and read your resume. The Advantages of Good Resume Font There are quite a lot of fonts for you to pick from, and that may make selecting a font for your resume equally as challenging as writing it. Your selection of fonts to be utilized on your resume is important. Most professionally-designed resumes utilize color. There are several different trends of fonts you may choose to design a resume or cover letter. To help you to get a headstart, we handpicked a group of the greatest fonts for resume and cover letter s to help you find the proper font for your design. Finally, no matter which font you use, make certain you size it appropriately. An acceptable font can help enhance the look of your resume. Theyre, however, considered the very best fonts to use.